MacMic Releases Faster and High Energy-Efficient 600V FRED Chips, Discretes and Modules

Published: Nov, 16, 2010


MacMic Science & Technology Co., Ltd, a leading high power chip, discrete, and module manufacturer and supplier, today released new generation of 600V series Fast Recovery Epitaxial Diode (FRED.) MacMic designs the product lines covering a broad range of current rating from 1A to 100A per single chip. The FRED chips adopting epitaxial planer topology are solely developed by MacMic power diode R&D team. The new products further reduce conduction and switching loss, feature less leakage current and lower EMI, provide better Trr, Vf ratings, and softer recovery performance. These outstanding features can help engineers to achieve their design objectives sooner in their high energy-efficiency demand applications.

According to the latest MacMic FRED performance report, the 600V/8A discrete in TO-220 package, which is the highest inquired product among all new 600V FREDs, shows excellent performance of Trr as fast as 17ns and only 1.8V forward voltage drop. Not only with lower switching and conduction loss, in comparison with the available cross products in the market, this FRED has merely 15-μA leakage current and much softer recovery characteristic which allow the end system product working more stably and generating less EMI noise. MacMic designs the new FRED product line aiming to enable their customers to meet more and more environment-friendly energy standards and other energy-efficiency policies.

Kent Feng, Sales Director of Efficient International Technology, who is also in charge of MacMic International Business Office, said, "MacMic FRED products have stood out in the power electronics application market through their reliable quality and superb performance. Using proprietary technology in the self-developed chips, MacMic can much easily supply more featured and better cost performance products to fulfill customers' demands."

MacMic develops and provides various power semiconductors in chip, discrete and module forms, including FRED chip, FRED discrete, and high efficient FRED, IGBT, Thyristor, and Rectifier modules. MacMic power semiconductor products have been widely adopted in the applications from SMPS, Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS,) Power Factor Correction (PFC,) Motor Drive, Welder, Renewable Energy System.

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