High Power MacMic IGBT Discrete in TO-247 Plus package

Published: July 15, 2021


MacMic is pleased to announce the new IGBT discrete in TO-247 Plus package. The company introduces the new product with both 650V and 1200V Blocking Voltage for end-users to best meet the design of the application. The new IGBT discrete comes with key features as below:

1. Easier to design and lower BOM cost

Using a press clip to mount the part, the new MacMic IGBT discrete in TO-247 Plus package can be assembled faster and effortlessly without a screw nut and bolt. The new package provides greater housing space for a larger size of IGBT chip that enables the discrete to output higher current. The design engineer can simply use 1 piece of MM120G3T65BM (650V, 120A) to replace the paralleled 3 pieces of MM40G3T65B (650V, 40A) in common TO-247 package form. Since the lead layout of both packages is identical, the customer adopting TO-247 Plus can design the system to meet the requirements for smaller size and save costs in the bill of material.

2. Higher power output

Despite the same physical dimension as the popular TO-247 package, the IGBT discrete in TO-247 Plus can conduct a higher current to deliver higher power output compared to the equal system using either package to operate in the same environment. This feature makes TO-247 Plus an ideal choice to achieve the higher power target.

3. Better thermal dissipation

In contrast to TO-247 package, TO-247 Plus gives a larger contact surface with a heatsink so that it could improve the thermal dissipation capability by reducing the Thermal Resistance (Rth) value and lower Junction Temperature (Tj) of the IGBT chip. The system designer can take these advantages just to use a smaller fan and more compact heatsink leading to less BOM cost but is still ideal to dissipate the system heat.

"MacMic TO-247 Plus package brings various benefits to the customer, including higher power density, better thermal performance, and less complexity for production. Overall, the new package offers customers a more flexible design solution that allows the engineer to accomplish the desired output power even in limited system size," said Kent Feng, Sales VP, Efficient International Technology, who is also in charge of MacMic International Business Office. If you are interested in the new products, please contact the office at Email: info@macmicst.com.tw or Ph#: +886-2-2760-0390.

About MacMic Science & Technology Co., Ltd.:

MacMic Science & Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company consisting of scientists and engineers with expertise of power electronics and long term engaged in development and production of power electronic products at home and abroad. The goal of the company is to provide customers with energy-efficient power electronic products as well as to provide solutions to power electronic applications.


About Efficient International Technology Co., Ltd.:

Efficient International Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional semiconductor device and solution supplier and consultant team. Efficient promote, market, and distribute high quality, high efficiency power semiconductor to serve Taiwan and international customers. Efficient provide services to the customers in the market of general power conversion, motor control, lighting, industrial, renewable energy, and other energy efficient applications. Efficient is also on behalf of MacMic to operate as MacMic International Business Development Office.


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