fred discrete

Fast Diode Discrete

MacMic offers a limited range of power FRED discrete products, mainly in packages of TO-220(F) TO-3P, and TO-247. The FRED discrete inherits all the features of MacMic FRED chip and brings customers an even better value in terms of price-performance consideration. The 200V and 400V types are commonly used in Output Rectification as the Vf value of the FRED discrete is controlled to as consistent as possible so paralleling multiple devices are easy to implement. The 600V and 1200V are also good for high-speed rectification. Furthermore, given the very soft and fast recovery characteristics, they are no doubt perfect devices in the PFC application.

igbt discrete

IGBT Discrete

MacMic successfully introduces high-power IGBT discrete in the TO-247 package using a self-developed low Vce Trench Field-Stop IGBT chip. The product line is divided into two categories by its switching speed. The “G3T” series is designed for typical power applications, such as Motor Drive, Power Conversion, and the switching frequency < 15 Khz circuits. In contrast, the “G3U” series has a feature of high-speed switching which is well fit in Welding Machine, Induction Heating, and the switching frequency >15 Khz applications. MacMic discrete IGBT is available in both 650V and 1200V voltage ratings.

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